Thursday, August 5, 2010

World Championships 2010

Looks to be a great tournament shaping up for White basketball fans.

Spain is the prohibitive favorite. They are the defending World Champs, as well as the European Champions from last year. Of course, the big minus is Pau Gasol not playing, but the entire rest of the team is coming back, and better than ever.

The United States has to be considered a dark horse. After the loss of David Lee and coach Dantoni, as well as both Lopez brothers, they are looking especially weak down low. Kevin Love looks to be the only White player to make the team.

Argentina all-White squad is currently the number one ranked team in the world, so they cannot be overlooked.

Brazil's integrated team also looks very powerful and should give Team USA a solid beating in their group.

Serbia's all-White squad looks to be dark horses, having turned around their national program and taken 2nd in the Euro 2009 Championship.

Slovenia looks to be an up-and-coming squad as well, led by the surging Goran Dragic, although it would be a major shocker to see them make the medal stand.

It is with great sadness for me to report that the Italian team did not make the tournament. Although ranking in FIBAs top 10, and better than most teams that did make the field, they could not make it out of the tough European qualifying.

Puerto Rico's integrated team also looks to be a dark horse, bring a very high-powered and mentally tough team to the tournament.

France's all-Black team looks good on paper, and includes the addition of Joachim Noah, but like all all-black teams, will probably underperform.

The "friendly" pre-tournament games heat up this weekend, so look forward to frequent updates.

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