Thursday, August 5, 2010

Carl English Update

I developed a liking for Carl English watching him play for Canada against Team USA in 2008. It was fun watching him and Kobe go at it. Kobe fancied himself the team's designated stopper, looking to smother the opponent's best scorer, and English was it for Team Canada. English held his own, making some nice scoring moves and scored 11, including going to the line for 8 FTs. He was definitely fun to watch, and it definitely earned my respect.

Carl is playing in Europe professionally. He will play for DKV Joventut in the ACB league (Europe's top league, based in Spain). Of course, he is playing for Canada during the Worlds.

Canada is in Group D, and looks like they have a chance to advance. Spain looks out of their reach, but beating Lebanon, New Zealand is quite doable. If they play well, they might even catch France or Lithuania in the group standings.
Team Canada plays friendlies against China and France this coming up week before heading off to Europe for some more pre-tourny tournies.

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