Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sweet 16 Rewind

Great games in the so-called Eighth Finals (what we usually call the Sweet Sixteen). Oddly enough, we saw four of the pre-tourny favorites playing against each other, with Spain knocking out Greece, and Argentina knocking out Brazil. Outside of Team USA, it is an all-White final eight, as France, Angola, China all lose. Even the slightly mixed squads of Greece and Brazil lost to the all-White Spain and Argentina.

Luis Scola is the Larry Bird of this generation. He is absolutely amazing. If you haven't seen highlights of his performance tonight, do so, now. He was THAT good.

White stars of the Knockout round:

Luis Scola, PF (ARG) -- 37p, 9r
Huertas, PG (BRA) -- 32p
Linus Kleiza, SF (LTH) -- 30p, 9r, 2a
JC Navarro, SG (ESP) -- 22p (10 shots)
Kirk Penney, SG (NZL) -- 21p (13 shots), 3r, 2a
Marko Popovic, PG (CRO) -- 21p (12 shots), 5r, 5a, 2s, 1b
Hedo Turkoglu, PF (TRK) -- 20p (10 shots), 4r, 3a
Andrey Vorontsevich, F (RUS) -- 18p (8 shots), 11r, 2s, 2b
J Lakovic, F (SLO) -- 19p (12 shots)
Sinan Guler, SG (TRK) -- 17p (10 shots), 3a
Timofey Mosgov, C (RUS) -- 16p (9 shots), 7r
Nenad Krstic, C (SRB) -- 16p (10 shots), 3r
N Zisis, PF (GRE) -- 16p, 4r
D Diamantidis, G (GRE) -- 16p (8 shots), 4r, 2s, 2b, 2a
A Rasic, G (SRB) 15p (6 shots), 3a, 2s
Rudy Fernandez, SF (ESP) -- 14p (7 shots)

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